Thursday, January 13, 2011

You've got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince...

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But just because you're tired of kissing frogs, don't think you can settle for the cutest frog you've come across, because even when you kiss him, he'll NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS be your handsome prince. No point in even trying. You can't turn a frog into a human, talk less into a handsome prince made specifically for you, who loves you for you and who complements, can you? No.

So, then, Steph, what the hell do you suggest I do? Hmm? Be a lonely loser for the rest of my life? I haven't had a boyfriend since the Titanic... And I'm not suggesting that at all. Because, dude, if I told you to give up on love, I'd be a hypocrite. I'm just saying that you are a phenomenal woman. You have a great personality, tons of wow factor and you're fun to be with. There is a man out there for everyone. I believe that. But for you to just give up on your perfect someone by being with Mr. Lame or Mr. I-am-a-jerk-and-I'm-with-you-because-no-one-else-wanted-to-be-with-a-jerk-but-my-dumb-ass-will-be-with-anyone, is totally idiotic and insulting to yourself. When you're with someone like that, it screams, "I'm desperate for someone to love me, so since he's the only one in the vicinity, let me be with him, even though I knoooowwww this will end badly, since I don't like him like that and he's falling for me."

Why would you hurt yourself and a guy that is the perfect match for someone else just because of your selfish wants? Think about the possible damage you could do to him. Break his heart, and have him either swear off girls forever, or have him turn into a player and break tons of other girls hearts, just because you didn't want to be alone. You could possibly be the cause for dozens and dozens of girls who get hurt by a guy who got hurt by you and doesn't wanna get hurt ever again. You deserve to be alone!

All I'm saying is...if you can't make wise decisions because of your desperation, then maybe you don't need to be dating anyone right now. You need to give yourself time to figure out what is so messed up about you that you can't be single for five months. Seriously. Grow the fuck up and get a heart. Stop ruining it for the rest of us!

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